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Why choose cellulose insulation from IQ Fibers? Homeowners have several options when insulating their homes. We think when reviewing the facts, it’s clear that IQ Fibers cellulose insulation provides the most comprehensive list of benefits to both you and the environment.


Air Tight

While cellulose provides a higher R-value (thermal resistance) than most alternative products, e.g. 3.7 R/inch versus 2.2 R/inch for fiberglass, a major advantage of IQ Fibers’ cellulose insulation is its ability to completely fill spaces – especially the small, confined areas around interior fixtures such as wiring and pipes. While our insulation installs easily, once in place, the density of our fibers blocks air from moving through them. The result is a tight building with less air infiltration than you’ll find with other types of insulation.  

Reduction in Air Infiltration


Equivalent R-Value in both homes
Source: University of Colorado School of Architecture

Comparison of STC Ratings


Quiet, Please

Sound reduction is a major contributor toward achieving comfort in any home. Installing cellulose insulation is one of the best methods available for sound abatement. Cellulose’s density produces less voids, giving sound very limited space in which to travel. On a standardized basis, foam and fiberglass provide an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 37 to 39. Cellulose provides a higher rating of 44, resulting in less sound infiltration.


Money Matters

Cellulose insulation from IQ Fibers helps cut costs thanks to its proven energy efficiency. Actually, the savings start at installation. Because IQ Fibers is easy to install, you can save time, which always equals money. Once in place, cellulose provides a higher thermal resistance than many insulation products, including fiberglass. What’s more, cellulose provides greater energy savings in any weather, stopping air infiltration in the winter and helping to keep cool air in during warm weather. A properly weatherized building can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut heating and cooling costs by 30-40%! Energy efficiency improvements can even provide you an opportunity to earn a combination of tax credits, rebates and other incentives depending on where your project is located. For a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives, please visit

R-Value Summer Performance


% R-Value Retained (at 110° F)
Source: Brookhaven National Laboratory

R-Value Winter Performance


Outdoor Temperature (°F)
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Wood and Steel framed wall tests


Source: Omega Point Laboratories


Safe and Sound

IQ Fibers cellulose insulation helps preserve your family’s health and safety. Our fibers are treated for fire retardancy with borates, a naturally occurring mineral. This means our cellulose won’t support combustion. Borates are routinely found in consumer products such as cosmetics and eye wash and provide natural antifungal protection which helps to defeat the development and growth of mold. In field tests and in actual home fires, it has been proven that cellulose insulation provides a better defense against the spread of fire and creates a longer opportunity to exit a burning structure. IQ Fibers cellulose insulation is given a Class I fire safety rating and is subject to the toughest ASTM combustion tests. Further, the densely packed nature of cellulose eliminates air channels, slowing the ability of fire to spread. Additionally, cellulose material is “hygroscopic”, allowing it to manage humidity. Moisture is transferred from high humidity areas of a home to lower humidity spaces. Fiberglass and foam are “hydrophobic”; they do not manage moisture. Moisture management can help to prevent mold and rot.


Everybody Loves Green

Of course IQ Fibers is good for the environment. Up to 85% of our product is made from recycled paper fiber, giving new life to existing materials. Given that paper is the single largest component of the residential waste stream, that’s a good thing. Also, our manufacturing process has a smaller carbon footprint when compared to other insulation materials. The energy required to produce cellulose is 10x less than fiberglass and 30x less than foam. Our clean, state of the art facility makes use of a variety of high-tech equipment and efficient methods to keep operations as green as possible.

Recycled Content


Source: CIMA


It Comes Down to Service

We believe our products are the best the industry has to offer. It all begins with quality. Our products are rigorously tested in our own in-house lab to ensure their quality, reliability, and consistency. Additionally, we contract with an independent accredited lab to provide ongoing testing of our products to ensure compliance with federal specifications for our industry. But where IQ Fibers really stands out is our service. We know cellulose manufacturing inside and out. We make buying, receiving, and installing our insulation as easy as possible. We understand your challenges and what matters to you – getting an easy-to-use, high-quality product you can trust to be reliable every time. And that’s what we deliver – every order, every day. But if there ever is a problem, we go out of our way to fix it. We’re available to you anytime, to help ensure that when you use IQ Fibers, you feel like you’re using the best.

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