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Why choose sorbents from IQ Fibers? While there are many materials available for oil absorption, upon review of the facts, it’s clear that IQ Fibers absorbents provide the most comprehensive list of benefits for remediation professionals and the environment.


Go Natural

Our natural cellulose fiber absorbents are less expensive to make than man-made versions and by weight, they offer higher absorption than most alternative products. Further, since our products are made from natural cellulose, used materials are not automatically destined for the landfill. In fact, absorbed hydrocarbons can be harvested from the fibers rather easily by compressing the material. The remaining fiber material has little to no water content, high BTU value, low ash and high calorific content, making them a valuable commodity to be used again by incinerators, waste to energy facilities, and biodigesters. Given that the fibers in IQsorb were reclaimed from recycled paper fibers, we truly offer a product that completes a virtuous life cycle!


No Let Down

IQsorb is extremely hydrophobic. Even after extended periods in water, the natural fibers of IQsorb stay afloat. Even though this is not typical in the field, this amazing property means that long term exposure to water and/or oil do not degrade performance. No water uptake in spent fibers is positive for remediation professionals in several ways. If the fibers are destined for landfilling, further de-watering is unnecessary, reducing processing cost and reducing landfilled material. Further, incinerators and waste to energy facilities value raw materials that are low in water content as water laden materials can cause problems within their process.


total Absorption

One of the best advantages of IQsorb is its high absorbency. Independent studies indicate that it outperforms other substitutes. On a pound per pound basis, IQsorb stands out amongst the crowd.

In soil remediation tests alongside bioremediation products such as microbes, our fibers have been found to enhance natural biological processes which helps to reduce overall project costs and length of time to decontaminate polluted soil. And at the end of the project, spent material naturally biodegrades since it is made from natural cellulose fibers.


Game Changer

IQsorb completes the virtuous cycle for oil spill remediation, which is a real game changer for remediation professionals. Rather than spending money to landfill used material and merely move a problem (oil spill) from one location to another (landfill), hydrocarbons can be harvested easily from the fibers and sold. This compacted fiber completes its valuable lifecycle at fuel incinerators, waste to energy and bio digestion facilities.


It Comes Down to Service

We believe our products are the best the industry has to offer. It all begins with quality. Our products are tested in our own in-house labs and by outside sources to ensure their quality, reliability, and consistency. But where IQ Fibers really stands out is our service. We know cellulose manufacturing inside and out, so we make buying, receiving, and installing our absorbents as easy as possible. We understand your challenges and what matters to you – getting an easy-to-use, high-quality product that you can trust to be reliable every time. And that’s what we deliver – every order, every day. If there ever is a problem, we go out of our way to fix it. We’re available to you anytime, to help ensure that when you use IQ Fibers, you feel like you’re using the best.

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