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Cellulose Fiber Done Differently.

Innovation And Quality Engineered Into Everything We Do.

On the surface, the products we manufacture may seem like simple commodities, with little difference when comparing our brand to others. But at IQ Fibers, our cellulose fiber products are engineered to be far from ordinary. That’s because our industry experience and manufacturing expertise enable us to focus on details that lift both our products and our service to another level. Nothing we do is by accident or taken for granted. IQ Fibers is a brand-new company, but our team has been here before, so we know what matters to you and we know what it takes to succeed. That’s why at IQ Fibers, innovation and quality are engineered into everything we do.

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IQ Fibers manufactures high-quality cellulose insulation. Designed to be preferred by professional installers, our insulation has several advantages, both compared to other types of insulation and other cellulose products on the market. One of our biggest advantages is IQ Fibers is run by a management team with in-depth installer experience and a thorough understanding of the challenges and needs of installers. We’ve been where you are, so we understand what you want and what you need to get the job done. What’s more, we’re always here to support you in every way possible.


IQ Fibers manufactures IQsorb, a revolutionary oil absorbent product. While there are many materials available for oil absorption, IQsorb uses natural cellulose fibers, well known for their excellent moisture wicking properties. Then, using a unique propriety process, we effectively change the chemistry of these fibers to make them highly hydrophobic, which means they resist water, yet highly oleophilic, which means they selectively soak up oil. Better still, the additives used to create IQsorb are completely safe and non-toxic in water and soil-based applications. IQsorb is changing the game with advantages you won’t find anywhere else, including the amazing support available at every step from IQ Fibers team.


Innovation and Quality Engineered Into Everything We Do.

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